Content for ANYONE that wants to build their confidence and capture their beauty.

Whether you're here to learn how to accentuate your body or to entertain yourself by watching me dance in a wig and a dress, there's something for everyone here. Everything I do is with the foundation of self-love and creative expression, and I hope you can feel that throughout my content whether you’re watching an in-depth video on YouTube or from my courses.
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My 3 Core Values

These are the pillars I build on top of for everything i create online for you to see.

I am a big believer in staying true to myself and knowing what I want in life, and I encourage both my audience and my clients to have that same authenticity for themselves. A sincere openness with ourselves and the world is the best tool for becoming better people and making a better world. When we know who we are and put our genuine thoughts out into the world, that same energy always comes back to us.
I value confidence. Not the fake-it-until-you-make-it brand of confidence, but genuine confidence that stems from gratitude and growth. The kind of confidence that helps you take the leap toward trying something new or following your passions. The type of confidence that you work at over time. My camera certainly is a magic wand that gives people this kind of confidence, but I do like giving my clients a little guidance to continue in the right direction in their daily lives
I can never stop stressing how important self-love is to me, and how important I think it is for others. To me, self-love is a sort of self-empowerment through intentional action. We can’t wait for some unspecified time to start acting with sincere intention towards ourselves. Sometimes self-love looks like getting yourself flowers or booking a photoshoot, other times it looks like getting to know yourself and the ways you like to be loved.

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